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For carriage of such items to be approved, the passenger must communicate in advance of the journey with the Reservations Department to inform us of the equipment in question and its dimensions.


• If additional items are to be carried apart from those listed below for each form of equipment, then excess baggage charges will be levied.


Charge: 30€

Free of charge transportation of winter ski equipment is permitted, provided that its weight does not exceed 8 kg for the period 15/12 until 31/03.

One set of ski equipment includes the following:
- One (1) pair of skis and one (1) snowboard
- A pair of ski poles
- A pair of ski boots with fixings

If other items are added to the equipment and their weight surpasses the allowable 8 kg, then the passenger is charged for the overweight.

Transportation Conditions: The above items of ski equipment are accepted for carriage only in special cover bags.

A pair of water skis (standard size), or a pair of slalom skis

The maximum permitted weight is 8kg

Charge: 30€

A golf bag containing golf clubs, balls and a pair of golfing shoes. There is a limitation on the Golf equipment depending on the aircraft type and passengers are requested to contact Aegean in order to confirm space availability.

The maximum permitted weight is 15kg

Charge: 30€

The maximum permitted length is 2 metres. Surfboards will be treated as windsurfing boards when greater than 2 metres in length.

The maximum permitted weight is 30kg

Charge: 50€

The maximum permitted weight is 30 kg.

Charge: 75€

The oxygen bottle must be empty.

The maximum permitted weight is 30 kg.

Charge: 30€

A box for fishing tackle and a case for the rod

Charge: 50€

Charge: 50

Charge: 50


Attention ! In case of overweight equipment, the transportation is permitted only after the airline's approval.



Prenotazioni biglietti

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