"Baggage standard allowance is 20 kg. For infants the baggage allowance is 0 kg."


Baggage delivered at check – in point includes necessary personal items for trip.

However, the following should not be transferred: fragile items, travel or business documents, medication, jewelry and valuables, computers and other devices, money, contracts and value securities. Above mentioned items should be carried in a hand luggage, since in case of a loss, airline carries no responsibility.

Passengers wishing to carry restricted baggage items should mention it before inspection and sign relevant documents (Limited Release Form), by which, potential passenger takes the entire baggage responsibility.

Food can be brought yet within properly packed wooden boxes, made of absorbent material, to avoid any leakage. Certain country regulations with regards to food importation restrictions should be also considered. 

Baggage standard allowance is 20 kg. 


Hand luggage liquids should not exceed 100ml per container. Liquids should be placed in transparent re-sealable plastic bag of 1 liter maximum capacity. Each passenger is allowed carrying only one bag which should be closed and delivered to Security Control point. 

This limitation is a European Regulation and is subject to all other liquid products (water and soft drinks, perfumes, shampoos, creams, ointments, paste, lotion, liquid lenses, spray, toothpaste etc.).

Liquid medicines and food items necessary during trip may be carried in a luggage. Necessity of such products during flights can be asked to be proven.

In addition, Duty Free Shop products can be transferred. These products must be placed in special sealed bag provided in the stores – and should not be opened prior to screening control otherwise contents may be confiscated.

Security personnel are obliged to ask for dispose of liquid products not complying with new European Regulation. These items will be recycled as a scrap.

The size and mass limits for hand luggage given below should not be exceeded:

No. of pieces per person


Maximum size

55 x 40 x 20 cm

Maximum mass

5 kg


With regards to infants the baggage allowance is 0 kg. Necessary infant nutrition is not included in the baggage control. 

"Hand luggage liquids should not exceed 100ml per container"

Excess baggage weight fees

Permitted maximum baggage weight is 20 kg and the handbag should not exceed 5kg. Excess weight is extra charged 2 € / kg in case of domestic flights; and 5 € / kg in case of international flights.

Each baggage (including excess weight) should not exceed 32 kg.



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